Cromer Cemetery revocation and boundary re-alignment

Thank you to all persons who have provided feedback in relation to this matter. Feedback will be collated and included in the report to Council in January 2017.

What Council is proposing
To ​re-align the boundary to the Cromer Conservation Park and adjacent Cromer Cemetery to allow legal and public access to the Cemetery and a wider conservation area to the Park.

The proposal, if successful, will require the Council to:

  • Amend the Community Land Management Plan for the Cromer Cemetery to allow for the boundary re-alignment
  • Close a portion of the Cemetery to allow for it to be transferred to the Minister for Sustainability Environment and Conservation to be "set aside" as a plantation reserve
  • Adopt a Community Land Management plan for the newly created Cemetery portion, to allow public access from Cromer Road.

Background to the proposal
Cromer Cemetery is comprised of Section 83 Hundred of Talunga and is surrounded by Section 82, which has been set aside as a Plantation Reserve, to form a buffer to the adjacent Cemetery Reserve. The Cemetery has no vehicle access and is currently land locked making it very difficult to access, even on foot.

The land surrounding the cemetery is Crown Land and held under Crown Record Volume 5764 Folio 781 by the Minister for Sustainability Environment and Conservation.

The Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources have approached Council to ascertain if they require practical and legal access to Section 82 and if the Council would be agreeable to a boundary re-alignment to exclude the areas without graves (should there be any), for potential future inclusion in the Cromer Conservation Park.

As the Cemetery is on the Community Land Register, a revocation is required of that portion of the cemetery before a boundary re-alignment can proceed. The Cemetery's size and shape cannot be altered as it is covered by a Land Grant and is held "in trust to permit suffer and to be used at all times as a public cemetery".

Click here to download a copy of the proposal report in full.

Consultation period
Consulation of this proposal closed on Thursday 22 December 2016

Project Manager
Natalie Westover
(08) 8408 0546 |