Lobethal Recreation Grounds - Public Toilets

What Council is proposing
To build public toilets for users of the Lobethal Recreation ground

Background and features of the toilet design
Council has made provision in the 2015/16 budget to build the toilets.

The work includes landscaping, construction, connection to power, sewer and water. The toilets will be constructed using sustainable environmental elements as well as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles and following Australian standards for accessibility.

Lighting will be provided and installed within the eaves to minimise light intrusion.

The toilets include a unisex accessible cubicle with hand washing basin and a baby change table as an option. A female and a male cubicle with external hand washing facilities will also be provided.

Toilets are currently located within the Recreation Grounds club rooms but can only be accessed when the club rooms are open. There has been community demand for toilets to be located within the Recreation grounds that can be accessed when the club rooms are not opened.

The toilets will be accessible on a time lock control at hours to be determined.  (A time lock system assists in managing undesirable activity especially late at night)

Consultation process
Consultation will be undertaken February 2016 and includes initial discussions with representatives from the Lobethal Recreation Grounds Sporting Clubs followed by general community consultation.

Once the design and location of the toilets has been finalised and Development Approval granted then construction will commence mid-2016.

Aspects to be considered in the location of the toilets include

1.     Operational

  • Located on Council land the toilets will be owned and operated by Council
  • Locating the toilets close to existing power, water and sewer will be a cost saving

2.     Accessibility

  • Easily accessible for the public during sporting activities on site
  • Suitably located for disabled access and car parking

3.     Safety

  • Ease of access for maintenance or repairs
  • An appropriate distance (greater than 30m) from adjoining owners to the proposed site, if possible

Have your say: Please refer to the map and tell us which option you prefer

Option 1: next to the playground area OR

Option 2: western side of the oval complex


This consultation has now closed. Please visit this page again soon for progress updates.