Oakbank Street One-way Traffic Proposal

What Council is proposing
To make Oakbank Street, Stirling, one-way and install a footpath and car spaces along one side of the road.

Click here to download a map of the proposed changes.

Background of the proposal
Residents have raised safety concerns with Council that the intersection of Oakbank Street and Milan Terrace, Stirling, does not provide a safe visual line of sight for motorists exiting Oakbank Street, particularly turning south.

Council has also received requests to install a footpath along Oakbank Street, from Milan Terrace to Johnston Street, to provide safe pedestrian access.

Given the narrow width of the road, and the associated challenge in fitting a footpath along it, the proposal has been made to make Oakbank Street one-way and install a footpath and car spaces along one side of the road.

A traffic consultant was engaged to investigate the impact on the surrounding road network and concluded that:

"It is considered that the Oakbank Street restriction would generally have minimal impact and (subject to resident consultation and support) would provide benefits to management of traffic and parking within the area."

The advantages of the proposal are:

  • One-way traffic south to north along Oakbank Street would result in 42 car spaces and a footpath along the northern and eastern sides of Oakbank Street with minimal impact on the adjoining road network.
  • One direction of vehicles allows safer manoeuvring and eliminates difficulties with vehicles passing when cars are parked on the road.
  • Improved pedestrian safety by placing the footpath behind the parking spaces.

The disadvantages of the proposal are:

  • One direction access to residential properties – this would result, on average, approximately 450 metres additional travel distance and 1 minute additional travel time. It should be noted that this impact would depend on the origin/destination of each individual driver.
  • Restricted access for essential service and emergency vehicles, although this will be hopefully compensated by having safer travel paths without vehicle congestion.

For Council to best consider the community's preference, a response from all effected residents along the street is now being requested.

Consultation process
Consultation will be undertaken until 20 May 2016. Residents along Oakbank Street have been posted a short feedback form which can be sent by reply paid mail or to mail@ahc.sa.gov.au. If you have not received a letter and believe you should have one, please contact Mark Buckerfield, Manager Built and Natural Assets, on (08) 8408 0400.

Have your say: Please tell us which option you prefer

Option 1: Leave the road as two-way unrestricted traffic (do nothing) OR

Option 2: Restrict traffic flow to one-way travel (south to north) allowing the implementation of a walking path and increased parking opportunities along the northern/eastern side of the road.