Piccadilly CFS Relocation

​We are considering a proposal from the CFS to relocate the Piccadilly CFS Station from its existing location at Curtis Close (behind the community hall) to the corner of Atkinson Reserve. As part of our considerations we are seeking feedback from the community on this proposal. Atkinson Reserve is an important recreational space in the area and the relocation of the station will impact on this space.

The proposal, if successful, will require Council to:

  • Amend the Community Land Management Plan for Atkinson Reserve to allow for a portion to be used for CFS purposes, and
  • Lease a portion of Atkinson Reserve to the CFS for a period of 21 years with a further renewal right of 21 years.

Proposed location of the CFS Station on Atkinson Reserve

We encourage you to review the proposed location of the CFS Station within Atkinson Reserve and provide any feedback to:
Natalie Westover, Project Manager
(08) 8408 0546  |  nwestover@ahc.sa.gov.au

Consultation closed Wednesday 9 November 2016

All feedback will be taken into consideration and incorporated into the final report for Council, where a recommendation as to the proposal will be made.