Making Farming Easier

Council has started a Primary Production Lands DPA in an effort to make farming in the Hills easier.

The Adelaide Hills have some of the best farming land in the state, and farming has a long and proud history in this area.  Farming in the Hills has opportunities and advantages for local producers, regional businesses, local consumers and the wider economy.  However, the district is under constant pressure from unplanned development and proposals that have created uncertainty for the farmers who maintain this landscape.  Keeping this productive and sustainable farming landscape is going to require new ideas about how to manage this important asset.

The Council is looking at changing its planning policy to better protect its good farm land for farming.  This will be done through a Primary Production Lands Development Plan Amendment (please see the information sheets on Council's website [links below] for more information).  This project will cover all rural areas of the Council District, which primarily fall within the Watershed (Primary Production) Zone [W(PP)].  The primary intent of this project is to identify and protect Primary Production Priority Areas (PPPA) as identified by Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) for farming, and to secure this important and diminishing resource for future food and fibre production.  It is also intended to:

  • review land use policy guidelines to respond to emerging trends in primary production, and to make it easier for farmers to farm and to seek approval to undertake a range of primary production and value adding activities on their land;
  • provide balance between farming and rural living activities; and
  • ensure that we have food security for future generations.

Council is aware that this project will need new ideas and good knowledge of current and potential local practices.  To begin this process, and before starting on the main investigation work of this project, Council is seeking input from farmers, residents, business owners, recreational users of the Hills and the broader rural community.  This consultation will enable Council to identify the main land use and planning issues that need to be addressed in the DPA project.

Council is holding three Information Sessions to explain the background to this project and seek input from farmers, and those who live, work or play in the Hills.  This project is still in a very early stage, and for the first time Council is seeking your views before it starts writing policy.

Download the four Information Papers: 

1.            Primary Production Priority Areas mapping

2.            Questions and Answers

3.            Value Adding Initiatives

4.            Industry Sessions – Ideas Summary