Townships and Urban Areas Development Plan Amendment

What Council proposed
Adelaide Hills Council prepared and sought community input on a draft Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to amend the Adelaide Hills Council Development Plan to update policy relating to the urban and closely settled parts of our District..

Background of proposal
The DPA introduced new policies that relate to all townships and residential areas throughout the Adelaide Hills Council area.  Specifically, the DPA reviews the Country Township Zones, the Country Living Zone, the Residential Zones and the settlements within the Watershed (Primary Production) Zone.


Council's Townships and Urban Areas Development Plan Amendment (DPA) has been approved by the Minister for Planning and came into effect in the 24 October 2017 Government Gazette.  The new consolidated version of the AHC Development Plan can be found here.  This newly consolidated version of our Development Plan also contains the Local Heritage – Public Places DPA which is in effect (Interim Operation) during its public consultation and processing phases.  More about this DPA can be found here.

The Townships & Urban Areas DPA is the largest that has been undertaken by this Council.  It is a review of all planning policy relating to the District's townships and urban residential areas.  This DPA was first proposed in the 2003 Section 30 Review of the Council's Development Plan (also called a Strategic Directions Report), the precursor to the recently completed Strategic Directions Report 2012.


In general terms, this DPA:

  • has not changed town or urban area boundaries (minor change to the northern Birdwood boundary, and two Public Purpose Zones  rezoned);
  • anticipated identified future development requirements for diverse residential and economic development within the existing town and urban area boundaries;
  • provides consistent and contemporary development controls for all forms of 'urban' and 'settlement' areas;
  • matches development potential to infrastructure provision; and
  • addresses key social, environmental and economic issues.

Policy Change Objectives
Council has prepared a number of reports and studies which have informed various aspects of this DPA and provided a series of clear objectives for the planning policy in this DPA.  The policy objectives, as adopted by Council, are:

  1. consistent planning policy across the District in terms of structure, format and expression;
  2. planning policy providing clear direction for applicants, the community and Council planners;
  3. suitable housing for Council's diverse community, with particular emphasis on housing for older people;
  4. higher density housing in appropriate locations in response to the findings of the Housing Study and State Planning Strategy;
  5. urban character protected through the preparation of Desired Character Statements;
  6. townships and urban areas growth matched to the capacity of existing infrastructure;
  7. existing town boundaries retained;
  8. development with minimal environmental impact;
  9. home-based businesses encouraged within residential areas;  and,
  10. town centres which are sufficient in area and provide clear guidance for retail and business development.

Policy changes

  • introduction of formal zones and Policy Areas for the townships within the Onkaparinga and Torrens Valleys;
  • introduction of separate Policy Areas for 'Stirling and Aldgate' and 'Bridgewater' within the Country Living Zone;
  • criteria which, if satisfied, would allow for the creation of smaller allotments in some townships and urban areas;
  • the introduction of 'Desired Character Statements' which describe how a particular place should be developed in the future;
  • providing further opportunities to construct housing for older and local young people;
  • improving policies relating to energy efficiency;
  • a 'Settlement' Policy Areas within the W(PP) Zone to provide specific guidance appropriate to such closely settled areas in a way that is not addressed in the current W(PP) Zone itself;
  • a 'Lobethal Abattoir' Policy Area within the W(PP) Zone to provide specific guidance for this high impact activity in a way that is not addressed in the current W(PP) Zone itself;
  • a Mixed Residential Zone around the Stirling District Centre and Crafers Local Centre Zones to provide a greater range of accommodation types close to shops and transport;
  • expansion of the Public Purpose Zone system of community managed lands into areas close to towns within the remainder of the District;
  • amalgamation of four of the five Residential Zones in Rostrevor, Woodforde and Teringie into one Residential Zone with two Policy Area;
  • rezoning three properties in Stirling/Aldgate from Public Purpose Zone as these properties are no longer in public or community ownership;
  • updates of existing tables: Table AdHi/3 – Mount Lofty Ranges Watershed Townships, and Table AdHi/4 - Car Parking Provision;
  • further opportunities for home-based businesses; and
  • the introduction of new policies from the State's Planning Policy Library in both the Council Wide (now General) section and in the zones addressed by this DPA.

Further Information
For further information on this process please contact
Mike Flehr, Senior Strategic and Policy Planner
(08) 8408 0503