Tree Management Policy

The Tree Management Policy provides principles and guidelines for the management of trees under the Council's care and control.  The policy will assist to address the following:

  • Requests to remove trees under the care and control of the Council
  • Responses to concerns raised regarding the potential effect of trees on private property
  • Selection of appropriate species for planting on land under the care and control of Council
  • The need for community engagement in respect to removing and planting trees

This policy is to be read in conjunction with other relevant Council policies, including the Public Consultation Policy, the Public Notification Policy and the Risk Management Policy.

The Policy and Council's tree management procedures reflect the Local Government Association Risk Management Guidelines for Local Government Tree Management.

Tree management is important to the community both from a safety and amenity perspective.   Trees make a positive contribution to a sense of place and the character of the district but also create safety concerns and lead to requests for removal by residents for safety and amenity reasons.   Tree removal (or lack of) is often a divisive or emotive issue in the community and for this reason community engagement is recommended and outlined below.

In planning for Civil Works options to minimise the impact on existing trees or need for tree removal will be considered.  Where trees are removed replacement trees will be planted in appropriate locations.  If planned infrastructure upgrades present the opportunity to consider the appropriateness of existing vegetation some trees may be removed and other planted to suit the new design. 

Where replacement of street trees is planned, due to their declining health or loss of structural integrity, the opportunity for maintenance or upgrading of built infrastructure to be coordinated with the replacement will be considered. 
Have Your Say: consultation process

Click here to download the draft Tree Management Policy

We invite you to review the draft Tree Management Policy and provide your written feedback about any aspect of the policy.

Adelaide Hills Council
PO Box 44
Woodside SA 5244

Following the consultation period, feedback will be collated and considered, and the revised Policy will be presented to Council for endorsement.

Consultation closed Friday 4 March 2016

Project Manager
Chris Janssen, Manager Works and Services
(08) 8408 0581