Woorabinda Bushland Reserve Public Toilets

What Council is proposing
To provide unisex public toilets for users of the Woorabinda Bushland Reserve.

Background and features of the toilet design
Following community interest for toilets to be located within the reserve, Council has made provision in the 2015/16 budget to build or renovate (where available to do so) suitable toilet facility/ies.

The work includes landscaping, construction, connection to power, sewer and water. The toilets will be constructed using sustainable environmental elements as well as Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles and following Australian standards and accessibility for all.

Lighting will be provided and installed within the eaves to minimise light intrusion.

The toilet proposed is a unisex mobility impaired room with hand washing basin, grab rails, possibly a wall mounted urinal and a baby change table as an option.

It is proposed that the toilet will be accessible on a time lock control at hours to be determined.  (A time lock system assists in managing undesirable activity especially late at night) once the toilet is available to the community and visitors to the reserve.

Consultation process
Consultation will be undertaken in February to early March 2016 and includes initial discussions with representatives from the Friends of Woorabinda Reserve followed by general community consultation.

Once the design and location of the toilet/s has been finalised and Development Approval granted then construction or renovation will commence early to mid-2016.

Following initial discussions with key stakeholders, the proposal is to upgrade and renovate the existing toilet block on the middle level adjacent the Environmental Centre. Please refer to the attached plan, provided for information.

The upgraded toilet facility will include the following:

  • Access for mobility impaired and other users will be provided from the new access car park, ramps, handrails and footpaths leading to the unisex toilet facility in the north western corner of the existing ablution building.
  • Removal of asbestos from the building with new painting and maintenance repairs and renovations are being proposed.
  • The unisex toilet will be compliant with today's mobility impaired standards including auto close and controlled time lock door, baby changing and hand washing facilities.  A separate urinal is also being considered.

Aspects considered in the location of the toilet facility include:

1. Operational

  • Locating the toilets close to existing power, water and sewer will be a cost saving
  • The removal of asbestos
  • Utilisation of an existing building

2. Accessibility

  • Paths and a series of ramps will be constructed to enable access from the street frontage level and the carpark to the toilet block
  • Suitably located for mobility impaired access and car parking

3. Safety

  • A safe and secure spot for the cleaner to access
  • Ease of access for maintenance or repairs
  • A safe spot for parents and children to access
  • An appropriate distance from adjoining owners to the proposed toilet site

Have your say: Please refer to the map and above information and tell us if you agree with the proposal and provide any further comments.

This consultation has now closed. Please visit this page again soon for progress updates.