Council Policies
Code of Conduct for Council Employees



Cat Management

Cemetery Operating

Community Group Use of Photocopiers

Community Information Display

Community Loans

Equitable Commercial Trading Opportunities at Council Operated Events

Festivals & Events


Grant Giving

Liquor Licensing

Outdoor Dining

Public Consultation

Public Transport

Roadside Trading

Safe Environments

School Parking and Associated Facilities 


Sport and Recreation Policy 

Tributes for Commemorative Services Policy


Wastewater System Application Fee Refunds


Corporate Governance


Code of Practice for Access to Council & Council Committee Meetings and Documents

Code of Practice for Meeting Procedures

Complaint Handling

Fraud & Corruption Prevention

Informal Council and Committee Gatherings and Discussions

Internal Audit

Internal Review of Council Decisions

Order Making


Petition Form


Prudential Management

Records and Information Management

Reporting of Offences

Request for Services

Risk Management

Whistleblowers Protection


Council Member

​​Council Member Conduct

Council Member Training & Development

Council Member Allowances and Benefits

Mayor Seeking Legal Advice


Development & Engineering


Building & Swimming Pool Inspection

CDAP Complaints Handling

Delegations Policy for the Determination of Development Applications by CAP

Development Application Fee Refunds

Development Application Fee Waiver

Development Applications Involving Regulated Tree(s) - Procedures & Delegations

Development Application Document Reproduction

Management of Built Heritage

Public Place & Road Naming

Privately Funded Development Plan Amendments

Provision of Physical Models for Major Development Proposals

Unsealed Roads


Environment & Open Space

Directional Signage

Burning Permit

Genetically Modified Crops

Tree Management

Waste & Resource Recovery Service



Acceptance of External Funding Policy

Capitalised Assets

Debt Recovery (inc. CWMS Customer Hardship Policy)




Infrastructure & Assets

Asset Management

Disposal of Land

Disposal of Materials

Occasional Hiring of Council Meeting Rooms

Road Rents

Street Lighting