September 2014 Update

​During summer/autumn and winter 2014, all sites (except Site 2*) have been sown with warm season active and cool season active native grasses: 


Warm Season Grasses –   Bothriochloa macra (Red-leg grass)

                                                Themeda triandra (Kangaroo grass)

                                                Chloris truncata (Windmill grass)

                                                Aristrida behriana (Brush-wire grass)


Cool Season Grasses -      Microlaena stipoides (Weeping rice-grass)


Recent monitoring has seen excellent germination on some sites.  The Weeping rice-grass emergence has been outstanding on Sites 6, 7 and 8, however, we are still waiting for a combination of >25 degree  daily temperatures and good soil surface moisture to activate the germination of the Red-leg grass, Kangaroo grass and the Brush-wire grass.


At Site 4, the extreme February rainfall event (160mls) and some later off-target roadside spraying has resulted in some of the Red-leg grass florets being swept from the site.  The remaining florets that germinated have emerged to cover parts of the site with a carpet of green. 

The challenges will be summarised in a later update.

*Due to site preparation problems, action on this site has been deferred.

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