How to register your dog
All dogs must be registered once they reach three months of age.  It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their dog(s) are registered each year. To register your new dog(s) click here for a copy of Council's Dog Registration Application Form.  Please complete and bring the signed form, with suitable personal identification, into one of Council's service centres with your payment. Click here to pay your dog registration.

Should your dog pass away, please contact council and inform us. We will then advise you of the actions to take.

The Dog and Cat Management Board has a great range of fact sheets for dog owners, including details on dog training, microchips, desexing and excessive barking among others. Click here to be redirected to the Good Dog website to access this helpful information.

Dogs and open spaces
​Providing suitable on and off-leash activity areas is vital to the success of animal management in our Council area. Dog owners must have suitable areas to exercise their dogs safely. Equally, other members of the community must have the ability to use open space and recreation amenities without the fear of harassment by uncontrolled dogs, and without having their enjoyment of an area impacted by dog faeces and other nuisances.
Dogs must be on leash on all roads, streets and footways. Council has a number of dog friendly parks where owners can exercise their dogs off leash. Some reserves may have restricted off leash times, to meet the needs of other users. Please check the signage at each park or reserve to view any restrictions, hours of operation, and your responsibilities as a dog owner.

​Wright Road Dog Park
This fenced dog park is located at Wright Road, Stirling and is provided by the Adelaide Hills Council for the enjoyment of both dogs and people. It was completed in May 2011 and provides over two acres for off-leash dog exercise.
Features of the park include:

  • separate puppy/small dog area
  • dog agility equipment
  • water play area
  • natural surroundings
  • off street car parking

Opening Hours are:

  • 7.00am to sunset Monday to Friday
  • 9.00am to sunset weekends and public holidays

Please consider others in the community when using the facility and ensure dogs remain under effective control at all times. 

What do I do if I am harassed or attacked?
If you are a victim of a dog attack, please report the incident to Council immediately by contacting us. You will need to give details including the date, time and location of attack, as well as a description of the offending dog and/ or owner. Please keep copies of any medical assistance required as a result of the attack. In some instances, Council Officers may take photographic evidence.