Dog registration fees and rebates

All dogs must be registered by three months of age.

Council's are required to set two mandatory registration fee categories for dogs: 'standard' and 'non-standard'.

A standard dog is a dog that is both microchipped and desexed; it attracts a 50% rebate of the full registration fee.
A non-standard dog is a dog that is not both microchipped and desexed; it attracts the full registration fee.

Since 1 July 2018 all dogs are required to be microchipped by three months of age, or within 28 days of acquirement. All dogs must be desexed by six months of age or within 28 days of acquirement. (Note: compulsory desexing does not apply to dogs owned prior to 1 July 2018)​.

Rebates for concession or pension card holders
If you are the holder of one of the following concessions, you will be entitled to a 50% rebate on your dog registration.

  • DVA "Gold" Card
  • DVA "White" Card
  • Pensioner Card
  • Senior Health Card 
  • Health Card

Details of your concession card can be entered into Dogs and Cats Online at the time of registration. Pensioner, Veterans Affairs and Senior Health Care cards will only need to be validated once. Health Care Card concession holders will be required to enter their details annually for validation.

Registration fees 2018-19

​Standard dog​$45.00
​Concession standard dog​$22.50
​Non-standard dog​$90.00
​Concession non-standard dog​$45.00
​Puppy under six months of age​$35.00
​Guide, Hearing, or Assistance dog​$0.00
​Working dog​$35.00
​Fee-free - other (e.g. SES Search and Rescue Dogs, Military Dogs)​$0.00
​Business involving dogs - all animals at full fee​$90.00
​Late registration fee​$17.50
​Transfer of dog with paid registration in another SA Council area​$0.00
​Replacement registration disc​$0.00