Development Plan

A Development Plan contains zones, maps and policies and is the part of the Planning System that provides people with guidance on what kinds of development they can and can't do.

This development plan must be read in conjunction with any amendments published in the Government Gazette, but not yet consolidated in the plan

Council's Development Plan can be downloaded here.

A Development Plan Amendment or DPA is a formal process for changing a Development Plan.

A DPA can be started either by a Council or by the Minister for Planning.  A Council DPA process involves a number of approvals from the Minister for Planning to proceed to the next step, and also involves formal community consultation before it can be approved and made law.

The essential steps for a Council DPA are:

  • agreement on the subject matter or scope of the DPA with the Minister
  • investigations and formal DPA document preparation by Council
  • consultation with key government agencies and the public on the DPA, including receiving written submissions and holding a public meeting – managed by Council
  • review of the consultation outcomes and refinement of the DPA if required – by Council
  • decision by the Minister (which may include approving or refining all or part of the DPA)

Council currently has one DPA in the preparation stage which is close to moving into the public consultation stage.


Council's Townships and Urban Areas Development Plan Amendment (DPA) has been approved by the Minister for Planning and came into effect in the 24 October 2017 Government Gazette. 

The Townships & Urban Areas DPA is the largest that has been undertaken by Council.  It is a review of all planning policy relating to the District's townships and urban residential areas.  This DPA was first proposed in the 2003 Section 30 Review of the Council's Development Plan (also called a Strategic Directions Report), the precursor to the recently completed Strategic Directions Report 2012.