Development Applications

Ask us first

The first step in preparing a development application is to find out about Council's development controls, policies and guidelines. You will need to know about:

  • Adelaide Hills Council Development Plan
  • Relevant State environmental planning policies
  • Relevant site development controls and zoning of the property you wish to develop
  • Design principles, guidelines and policies

For more information about Planning or a copy of Adelaide Hills Council Development Plan click here. Please note the the Development Plan file is 9mb in size and will be slow to download if you have a dial up connection. Hard copies of the Development Plan can be viewed at Council's Customer Service Centres. To avoid possible enforcement action, always ask first before building a structure or changing the use of your land or building.

The Adelaide Hills Council administers development of land and buildings under a number of Acts of Parliament and refers to various reports for guidance.

The Council's Development Services section are a team of committed professionals with extensive expertise in building regulations and construction, planning and heritage advice.

So whether you're planning your dream home, proposing to develop a site, add to a business or subdivide your land, staff at Adelaide Hills Council can advise you at every stage of your project from design to completion.

Customer Service Officers can answer most procedural and fee enquiries over the phone, or over the counter if you call in personally. They will then refer you to the appropriate professional officers who can provide detailed advice regarding:

  • Relevant design guidelines and objectives
  • Site development constraints and guidelines
  • Heritage assessment criteria
  • Approvals required under the Development, Local Government, Native Vegetation or Water Resources Acts
  • Building regulations and construction requirements
  • Other matters that you will need to consider when designing or preparing your proposal

On specific proposals we suggest that you make an appointment with one of our Development Assessment Officers for "pre-application discussions". Prepare a sketch of your proposal in advance to illustrate your ideas. This will allow us to give you more detailed advice and information regarding your proposal at the meeting or over the counter at our Woodside Customer Service Centre.

Need other Approvals?

You need to be aware that your proposal may require approval from other government agencies. The type of approval and the relevant agency depends on the type and location of the proposed development. Where possible, we can help you identify what other approvals are required from State Government departments or agencies.

Native Vegetation Removal

Native vegetation in South Australia (except parts of metropolitan Adelaide) is protected.  You may need to apply to clear native vegetation.  This is a separate process to the Development Act approval process.

See maps to find out where the protection under the Native Vegetation Act applies.  Contact your local Natural Resources Centre if you need general information.