Development Application Form

In an effort to assist applicants to provide the right information at the time the application is first lodged, the Development Services team has prepared a checklist with sample plans for development applications.

Missing information or poor quality plans often lead to delays in the processing of Development Applications due to further information having to be requested.

To facilitate a speedier process, please complete the Development Application Form and Checklist below and submit with each application to ensure you have all the necessary information and good quality plans.  This will help us reduce processing times for you and have your development commence sooner.  Should you require assistance, please contact our friendly duty planner on 8408 0400 - appointments welcome.

Editable Development Application Form, Fee Schedule and Office of Technical Regulator Form

Development Application Checklist

 Fee Schedule only


PLEASE NOTE - Development Application fees are payable at the time of lodging your application, which can be done in person or via mail to:

Development Services Section

PO Box 44


If you require assistance completing your application form and/or determining appropriate fees, please contact us.

Residential Code Development

For information on the State Government's Residential Development Code please click


In relation to new dwellings, only a small portion of the AHC area is affected by the Residential Code (due to bushfire and waste control system requirements ) – refer to map by clicking on this link


Council checklists for Residential Code and Building Rules Consent Only Applications "fast tracked" developments can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.