Native Vegetation Management

If you are undertaking any activity that may damage native vegetation, whether on public or private land, you must apply for approval from the Native Vegetation Council. This also applies to dead trees that may provide habitat for animals. Activities that require approval include:

  • the cutting down, destruction or removal of whole plants
  • the removal of branches, limbs, stems or trunks (including brushcutting and woodcutting)
  • burning
  • poisoning
  • slashing of understorey
  • drainage and reclamation of wetlands
  • grazing by animals (in some circumstances) 

On Council road reserves, approval must be given by the Council. Complete the application form and submit to Council.

Tree maintenance
Council can assist with any tree maintenance work where the tree is on Council property or road verge; we do not assist with any tree maintenance on private property. If a fallen tree is blocking a roadway or property access during storms, the SES can also be of assistance.
For more information, or to report an issue, phone us on 8408 0400.
In an emergency you can also reach our after-hours service on 8408 0400.