Development can be any of the following:


  • Building work including associated earthworks, free-standing staircases, retaining walls and masonry fencing greater than 1m in height, external alterations to buildings, internal alterations to buildings that affect load-bearing partitions

  • A change in the use of the land. e.g. changing from an office to a shop

  • Increasing patron capacity or production capacity

  • The division of an allotment

  • The realignment of a boundary or boundaries of an allotment

  • Leasing of land for periods greater than six years

  • Work to a State Heritage Place including anything that could materially affect the heritage value of the Place. e.g. solar panels

  • Work to a Local Heritage Place including external painting and, solar panels where seen from a public street

  • Sheds greater than 15m2  in area or 2.5m in height or 3m in width (10m2 in area in Hills Face Zone)

  • Verandahs

  • Swimming pools, including inflatable pools with a filtration system

  • Shade-sails greater than 19m2, or 3m in height, or in front of a house

  • Water tanks greater than 10m2

  • Construction of a dam

  • Construction of a mound or levy with a wall height of 3m or more

  • Earthworks over 9m3 (only in Hills Face Zone)

  • Fences over 2.1m in height (also other fencing in the Hills Face Zone and masonry fencing greater than 1m in height)

  • Decking in a bushfire prone area (most of Adelaide Hills Council)

  • Flagpoles and aerials (greater than 4m if attached to a building or, greater than 10m if unattached, or in a Hills Face Zone)

  • Signage

  • Removal or pruning of a regulated or significant tree (unless the tree is dead)

  • Varying a previous condition of a Development Approval


Note: There may be other developments that are not listed. Council encourages you to make further enquiries with the planning team on 8408 0400.