Property Valuations

Rates are based on Property Values
Council rates are a form of property taxation and depend upon property values. Valuations play an important part in determining how much each ratepayer will pay. Rates are not a fee for services provided to individual ratepayers but a tax.
Generally the Act expects that the higher the value of the property the higher the rates to be paid. For example, a person with a property valued at $250,000 will contribute less than someone with a property valued at $500,000 in the same Council area.
Values are set by the State's Valuer-General based on his assessment of the  value of the property on 1 January of each year. He provides Council with these values each May to be used in setting rates for the next financial year. Ratepayers can object to a valuation if they believe it is inaccurate, and must lodge their objection with the Valuer General.  Council cannot alter valuations.