Rural Property Address

Landowners are responsible for production, maintenance and replacement of rural property address signage.

Please use one of the two following options to produce your property address sign.

Sign Writer
Click here to download a template to provide to a signwriter. Please note that the size used throughout the Adelaide Hills is 'D', and the Road Name has used abbreviations such RD for Road.

If you choose to make your own sign please ensure it is clearly visible from the road your property is entered from. The standard way to label your address is the road number, road name and the abbreviated road type e.g. "7 ADELAIDE RD".


During early April 2016, property owners in Norton Summit will receive notification that their properties will be changing to rural addressing. The impacted properties are on those located on the following roads (click on the road name to view your sign position on a map):

Property owners will receive a letter detailing their current address and their new rural property address.

Some property owners will receive more than one letter because they either own multiple properties OR own multiple places of residence (houses) on one property.

If you as a property owner have any questions or concerns you must contact us by 29 April 2016.

NOTE: If the wrong driveway is selected then the sign position will need to change, as may the actual number allocated.

Signs will be ordered and manufactured in May will be installed by end of June 2016.

From 1 July 2016 (or just prior) property owners shoulduse their rural property address. Residents should also change their location address details at this time.