Application forms

If you're undertaking works on Council land then a permit is required. This enables Council to record the nature of the works occurring, where they are, and what's required.

If in doubt contact us for more information.


Works on Road Reserve Application

Applications for alteration to Council road reserve should be lodged in hard copy at one of Council's service centres (Stirling, Norton Summit, Woodside, Gumeracha).

This form is used for;

  • New or Alteration of a Driveway Crossover
  • Underground Electrical Connection
  • Underground Water Connection
  • Alteration to Road Reserve Vegetation
  • Decking or Infrastructure (walls/posts) in road reserve 

For the 2016/17 financial year the application fee required to be paid at time of lodgement is $85.00


Roadside Vegetation Planting Guidelines

heavy vehicle application.docx