Speed Limits

There are two types of roads in the district – Council owned roads and the main roads that are owned and managed by the state government Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

DPTI are the only authority with the legislative power to set and change speed limits.

Speed Limit Signage

Current legislation in SA does not allow speed limit signage on unsealed roads, and drivers should drive to the conditions.

Installation of new speed limits signs must be approved by DPTI as the speed limit authority.

Speed limit signs are typically displayed on main roads entering townships to signal the transition to a new speed zone.

If you believe a speed limit sign is missing or is warranted please contact us. Please provide in the request;

  • your name, address, and contact details 
  • location of road and required sign
  • why the sign is required and the observations

Speed Limit Reviews

Council can request a speed limit review by DPTI of a sealed road where it feels an investigation is warranted.

Before requesting a speed limit review by DPTI, Council will assess the road against a number of criteria, including:

  • Traffic counts and function of road
  • Average speeds (based on traffic surveys)
  • Level of development and access points onto the road
  • Roadside hazards and number of crashes in past 5 years

If the road meets the criteria for further review, it will be sent to DPTI to request a review, where a similar but more rigorous process is undertaken.

DPTI Speed Limit Review

If you believe further investigation is warranted please contact us. To streamline the process please provide in the request;

  • your name, address, and contact details 
  • location of road
  • why the review is required and the observations
  • justification that you believe the proposed road meets some of the criteria listed above

Hoon Driving / Speeding Motorists

Council has no enforcement authority against speeding and hoon drivers. If you are witnessing dangerous driving in your area such as speeding or hoon driving behaviour, please report this to the South Australian Police (SAPOL) by calling 131 444.