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A-Z Guide to Waste Reduction
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Our A-Z guide provides handy tips to reduce your contribution to landfill. The guide will indicate which of your kerbside collection bins you can use to dispose household waste or provide alternative solutions that are environmentally friendly.

Click here to download an A-Z Guide to Waste Reduction.
The A-Z Guide to Waste Reduction is a PDF and can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here for a free download. You can use the search function to find items within the document.

If there is something missing off our list please do not hesitate to let us know! Contact us on (08) 8408 0400 or mail@ahc.sa.gov.au

We want to make recycling as easy as we can for our community.

Adelaide Hills Council collect domestic waste on weekly and fortnightly cycles.

Click here to download a 2016/17 Kerbside Collection Calendar or for further information on kerbside collection bins.

For waste that cannot go in general waste and landfill, there are a number of recycling and waste transfer stations. For more information on which bin a specific waste item should go in, visit Zero Waste or call the Recycle Right hotline on 1300 137 118.

Contact East Waste on (08)8347 5150  for further information on collection days.

Download the My Local Services App for reminders about your kerbside waste collection and more.

Additional Kerbside Bins
Where a service already exists, additional domestic waste bins can be requested by contacting us. Bins are provided for an annual fee that covers the cost of collection and disposal of the waste. The bins remain the property of the Adelaide Hills Council.

To assist with fire prevention in the Adelaide Hills Council, ratepayers (proof of residency will be required) can drop off green organics for free:

Saturday 20 May 2017 | 9am - 4pm
Monday 22 May 2017 | 7:30am - 4pm*
*Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre only

Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre 32 Scott Creek Road
Woodside Council Depot 10 Tiers Road
Gumeracha Council Depot 5 John Fisher Avenue

What will be accepted
Clean residential green organics, including:

  • grass clippings
  • prunings
  • leaves
  • small branches up to 100mm diameter
  • loads are limited to 6 x 4 trailer

What will not be accepted

  • Commercial or truck loads of material
  • Waste or hard rubbish
  • Proclaimed weeds including: Rose, Poplar, Blackberry, Gorse, Olive, Bridal creeper, Kikuyu, Couch and Bamboo. These can be disposed at Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre for a fee.

Service will be cancelled if a catastrophic fire danger day is declared.

Residents living outside of townships can access two free green waste drop off passes per annum (a service offered in addition to free green waste drop off days). To arrange your free passes please contact us (08) 8408 0400. 

An 'at call' hard waste collection service will be provided free of charge by East Waste on behalf of Adelaide Hills Council. One collection per residential household, per financial year.

Bookings are essential and conditions apply. Click here for further details and to make your booking through East Waste.

For a comprehensive list of options to recycle or dispose of items not accepted through hard waste collection, download our A-Z Guide to Waste Reduction (see top of page).

Click here for information about wastewater disposal.

Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre is operated by the Adelaide Hills Region Waste Management Authority on behalf of Council. This facility provides recycling and waste resource recovery services where customers can recycle or dispose of their waste predominantly from cars and trailers. The resource recovery centre is a multi-stream recycling facility that handles items such as general waste, paper and cardboard, plastics, green garden organics, construction and demolition materials, metals, whitegoods, oils, tyres, e-waste, gas cylinders, chemical containers and mattresses. Recycled products are also offered for sale including mulch and soil.

Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre is open seven days a week for waste disposal.

The EPA has developed a litter reporting app and website to give power to the people who see someone committing a littering offence. Tap into the 'Dob in a Litterer' website (or via the free app) to report cases of littering from vehicles.