B Part of it

​Students in year 10, 11 and 12 across five secondary schools within the Adelaide Hills Council district are set to participate in a state-wide study with a global impact.

South Australia has the highest rate of meningococcal disease in the country. Up to 25% of adolescents carry the meningococcal bacteria in their throat and, whilst this may not cause illness to them, there is a potential to spread the bacteria and cause illness in others.  The B Part of It study aims to determine whether the meningococcal B vaccine has the additional benefit of preventing the spread of the meningococcus bacteria person to person.

The two-year study by the University of Adelaide, in partnership with SA Health, will result in the vaccination of all consenting students with a licenced meningococcal B vaccine for free. Currently, the vaccine is available in Australia for purchase via a prescription at a significant cost.

Council's Immunisation Service Provider, Pop-Up Medics, will be delivering the study throughout schools in the Adelaide Hills Council area.  Study participants and parents can contact Pop-Up Medics on 1300 858 047 with enquires.

For further information on the study, please visit the B Part Of It website or Facebook page

B Part of it