Bridgewater students initiate community remembrance

Council has given approval for a new war memorial to be built in Bridgewater as a result of the dedicated efforts of Bridgewater Primary School students.

Set to be a feature of the landscape, the memorial will demonstrate the strong commitment students have to keep the ANZAC story alive and will become a lasting reminder of the community's effort to acknowledge the sacrifice of servicemen and women, and their families.

Students have been largely involved in the planning phases of the project, presenting their ideas to local community groups, participating in community events and playing an important role in the local dawn services throughout the anniversary year.

Students envisaged a war memorial of significance, which takes the visitor on a similar journey that they took in gaining an understanding of the ANZACs. Just as important, it also needed to be a place that community members can visit to spend time and reflect. They believed that the memorial should be to remember the ANZAC legend, the mateship they forged and the sacrifices they made, but to also identify the legacy of all those that were impacted by war.

With Council approval finalised, the memorial site will be located at the eastern end of Bridgewater​ Oval, and will be set into the hill face with ANZAC Ridge Road running above it.

While grants have been secured to assist with the development of the memorial, students are now turning their focus to raising funds from the local Hills community. Anyone wishing to donate to the memorial fund by purchsing a paver should contact Bridgewater Primary School.

The approved Bridgewater Memorial design