Council supports multiculturalism and diversity

Council has adopted the draft Multicultural Action Plan 2017 – 2020, an initiative instigated in June 2015 when the Adelaide Hills Council declared itself a Refugee Welcome Zone.

The draft Plan outlines the specific actions that can be taken to support the Refugee Welcome Zone (RWZ) commitment, along with Council's strategic goal to focus on understanding and promoting cultural diversity within the Adelaide Hills.

While the RWZ does not confer any formal obligations, Adelaide Hills Council did not want it to simply be a token gesture. Research was conducted in 2016 to explore what it means to be a RWZ and how it can best be achieved. The draft Multicultural Action Plan was developed to support and enhance our RWZ commitment.

Adelaide Hills residents come from more than 50 countries, speak more than 35 languages and follow more than 30 religions. Cultural diversity has brought, and continues to bring, significant economic, social and cultural benefits to the community and this draft Plan will help us achieve even greater cultural diversity into the future.

The draft Plan embraces three broad goals in relation to cultural diversity:

  • recognising cultural diversity in the Adelaide Hills and celebrating its benefits;
  • supporting people in our community with culturally diverse backgrounds;
  • showing leadership by recognising and supporting cultural diversity among staff, volunteers and Elected Members.

 View the full plan here.