Upcoming prescribed burns

Adelaide Hills Council has approved a weed-control/fuel reduction prescribed burn at the Heathfield Stone Reserve (click here to download a map of the affected area), which is a joint initiative with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR), and Country Fire Service (CFS). 

This burn is intended to take place between Monday 2 October and Friday 3 November 2017, weather permitting.

Most of the proposed burn area has been invaded by the Declared weed Watsonia bulbifera (Watsonia), Erica arborea/lusitanica (Tree Heath) and Acacia longifolia ssp. longifolia (Sallow Wattle). The Watsonia was treated by the AHC using herbicide in Spring 2016. It is expected that a prescribed burn will aid in the regeneration process of the bushland by clearing away the dead bulb mass left behind after spraying as well as stimulating the native seed bank to germinate. This work follows a successful Watsonia management trial of combining herbicide application with a prescribed burn in Cleland Conservation Park (CP), undertaken by Natural Resources Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges (NRAMLR) officers in 2015.

Although the prescribed burn is primarily for the purpose of stimulating native regeneration, it is recognised that there will be wider benefits in reducing fuels in a locality close to houses and schools. The burn is also considered a test case study for the Bushfire Management Area Planning process and for DEWNR strategic fuel reduction program.

DEWNR has scheduled a Prescribed Burn on land in Crafers West in Hillcrest Ave for around 9 October. The burn is taking place for Fuel Reduction and Asset Protection.  More information can be found on the DEWNR website here.  

Please note that the burns may produce smoke over your home for short periods. To reduce the impacts of smoke, it is recommended that you remove washing from the line and ensure all doors and windows remain closed. Any person who has a medical condition that may be aggravated by smoke is advised to take adequate precautions to ensure their well being.

CFS Volunteers - photo by Roger Wyman