Strategic Planning & Development Policy Committee


Strategic Planning & Development Policy Committee (SPDPC) meetings are held as required from September 2017. 

The role of the SPDPC is to develop strategic planning and development policy, strategic plans, council policies, and initiate projects for the orderly and sustainable development for all areas of Council and take due regard of regional differences and community expectations and consider matters referred to it by Council’s Development Assessment Panel, Council and the Chief Executive Officer and perform the functions delegated to it by Council. 

Membership of the committee consists of all thirteen council members.  The Presiding Member is Cr John Kemp.

The Committee shall meet at appropriate times and places as determined by the Committee.  A special meeting of the Committee may be called in accordance with the Act.

Council has adopted Terms of Reference for SPDPC which can be accessed here.   

​191002 Special SPDPC Agenda191002 Special SPDPC Minutes
​190514 Special SPDPC Agenda190514 Special SPDPC Minutes
180814 Special SPDPC Agenda​180814 Special SPDPC Minutes