The Adelaide Hills Council district is located in a biodiversity hotspot. It contains a large variety of locally native flora and fauna species, which have survived since European settlement.
There are few areas in the country so rich and diverse in native plants and wildlife as in the Adelaide Hills. These areas are precious and in varying conditions, but the general trend is one of decline. Changes in climate and landscape as a result of human activity continue to threaten their condition.
If too degraded, these areas cannot provide the services that natural systems normally offer, such as air and water filtration, soil fertility and pollination of our crops and plants. All life depends upon these services.

Adelaide Hills Council Biodiversity Strategy
The Biodiversity Strategy guides how Council manages land under its care and control in order to achieve regional biodiversity outcomes. Read more about Council's Biodiversity Strategy.

Adelaide Hills Council Biodiversity Advisory Group
Adelaide Hills Council's Biodiversity Advisory Group provides advice on achieving the objectives and actions outlined in the Biodiversity Strategy as well as providing information to and from local groups and community members.

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