Economic Profile
The Adelaide Hills Council area is part of the Mount Lofty Ranges. Approximately 12 kilometres east of Adelaide CBD, it's an easy commute to the city but also a wonderful gateway to the country. Key economic indicators for the region include:
  • Gross Regional Product: $1.46 billion (1.5% of the SA economy)
  • Population: 39,525 (2.3% of the State's population)
  • Local jobs: 10,866 (1.3% of the State's jobs)
  • Largest employing sector: Retail    
  • Number of local businesses: 3,960    
  • Employed residents: 21,539 (2.7% of the State's employed)

Further statistics are available at economyid

For a broader discussion of the population, economic and workforce characteristics of the area see our 2014 Economic Profile. Key characteristics can be summarised as:

  • population - numbers have been relatively stable over the past decade;
  • economy - the main sectors which differentiate the Adelaide Hills economy are horticulture (mainly apples, pears and cherries), viticulture (with downstream wine production) and tourism;
  • labour force - highly skilled with a relatively high proportion working in managerial and professional occupations, and with incomes increasingly skewed towards the highest income groups; and,
  • employment - very low levels of unemployment when compared with the rest of the State.