Bushfires and Fire Prevention

The Fire Danger Season for the Mount Lofty Ranges will commence on 1 December 2020 and run until 30 April 2021.

Bushfire prevention is a year-round responsibility and a necessity for property owners in the Adelaide Hills. Your responsibility extends further than just a weekend clean up to a range of actions that minimise the risk to you, your family and your property in the event of a bushfire. For community members affected by the Cudlee Creek and Cherry Gardens fires, check out our Your Say pages. Click here for more information on Cudlee Creek and here for Cherry Gardens.

Prescribed burning (aka controlled/planned burning)
Helpful references when preparing your property for Fire Danger Season
South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) resources
CFS resources in other formats and languages
Burning domestic vegetation
Fire Danger Season

Prescribed burning (also called controlled burning or planned burning) is the process of using fire to reduce potential fuel hazards ahead of the Fire Danger Season, manage native vegetation, and protect biodiversity in parks and reserves. In South Australia prescribed burns are carried out by the Department for Environment and Water.

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Reduce a potential fire hazard

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Resources from the CFS provide advice to prepare your property and your family, help you plan for bushfire danger season and develop a Bushfire Survival Plan. Making an informed decision well in advance of a bushfire whether you should stay in your house or go is perhaps the most important decision you and your family can make to protect yourselves.

Click here to prepare your 5 minute Bushfire Plan
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Click here to see a list of Last Resort Refuges in our district

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New rules are now in place to better manage native vegetation, seeking to reduce the impact of bushfire. For more information about these changes visit the CFS website or download a copy of the Safe Vegetation Pile Burning Code of Practice.

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The Fire Danger Season in the Mount Lofty Ranges generally begins each year on 1 December and lasts until 30 April, however these dates are subject to change with current weather conditions. Check the CFS website.

The 2020-21 Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Danger Season will commence on 1 December 2020 and run until 30 April 2021.

Regulations to protect lives and property during the fire danger season are in place and applicable to everyone, not just those living in bushfire prone areas. It is essential that you are familiar with the regulations and understand what you can and cannot do, whether you are at home, on holiday or visiting a national park.

Once the Fire Danger Season has begun there are strict controls on the lighting of fires and the use of certain tools in the open. The restrictions remain in place until the end of the Fire Danger Season. The Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 allows for the issuing of permits (schedule 9 or 10, not EPA air quality permits) for the use of fire or prescribed equipment during the fire danger season or on days declared as a 'Total Fire Ban'. For answers to frequently asked questions click here to be directed to the CFS website.

The Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Bushfire Management Committee has introduced strict permit issuing guidelines which all authorised officers must adhere to prior to issuing any permit. Permits will only be issued if in the opinion of the Authorised Officer it is warranted and if there is a direct risk to an asset.

For permit applications contact our Fire Prevention Officers on 8408 0400. Click here to download permit issuing guidelines.

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