Programmed Maintenance

Programmed Maintenance
Adelaide Hills Council is responsible for maintaining a variety of assets over a large geographic area.  The majority of maintenance activities arise from customer requests or regular condition inspections.  Where possible, maintenance activities will be programmed, to ensure efficient and effective use of resources.  To achieve this, Council has adopted a zone maintenance approach, allowing for focused effort in discreet areas.  Other maintenance activities are classed as reactive, where high risk or unexpected failures must be immediately attended to. 

Discover upcoming road and footpath works by Council and other parties on our dedicated updates page.

Sealed Roads
The maintenance of sealed roads is focused on asphalt work, which includes pothole and edge break repairs, and heavy patches.  Identified defects will be prioritised based on risk.  Additional maintenance activities that will occur along a sealed road include kerb and footpath repairs, storm water pit and pipe repairs and cleaning, swale drain maintenance, crack seal and line marking, signage and guidepost reinstatement.

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Click here for the Sealed Road Maintenance Program 2020-21

Trees are an important and valuable part of the Adelaide Hills landscape.  They provide amenity and environmental benefits and they play an important role in maintaining a 'sense of place' for Hills townships and the countryside. Although trees can sometimes cause a nuisance to individuals, in general trees are considered to be part of the natural environment and there is an over-riding expectation by the community as a whole that minor inconveniences, outweighed many-fold by the numerous benefits of trees, will be tolerated.

The maintenance of Council trees is prioritised by the risk that a tree presents, therefore trees/branches that have fallen across public roads or have imminent potential to fall are prioritised above normal tree pruning requests. Tree pruning will only be carried out when necessary to ensure that a tree grows to its potential or when it does, or is likely to, interfere with public infrastructure or to prevent safe passage by pedestrians or vehicles.  

Removal of trees under the care and control of the Council will only be carried out in accordance with the principles contained in the Tree Management Policy and in line with the requirements of any relevant legislation.

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Arboriculture (Tree) Zone Maintenance Program 2019-2020 TBC

Unsealed Roads
The maintenance of unsealed roads is focused around Council's patrol grading program.  Grading individual roads is prioritised based on condition and hierarchy, and involves restoring the driving surface to a desired smoothness and shape by removing irregularities such as corrugations and pot holes and redistributing road material. Unsealed roads will be re-sheeted with new material when they reach the end of their useful life. 

Associated maintenance works that will occur in the vicinity of grading includes drainage and guideposts.

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Click here for the Unsealed Roads Maintenance Program 2021-22

Council acknowledges that we conduct our business on the traditional lands and waters of the Peramangk and Kaurna people. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging as the Custodians of this ancient and beautiful land.
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