Community Forums and Engagement

Community engagement helps Council to achieve more effective governance through balancing decision making with sensitivity to community needs, interests and aspirations. Well planned community engagement activities and processes enhance a vibrant local democracy and support the development of ongoing relationships with our community. We are committed to improving the way our community is informed and involved in the decision making process.  We have developed a community engagement framework to guide our activities.

Click here to locate our Public Consultation Policy

Click here to visit our dedicated engagement portal, Hills Voice: your say.


Community Engagement Principles

When engaging the community in a decision-making process, Council promises to:

  • seek out and encourage contributions from people who may be affected by or interested in a decision
  • provide relevant, timely and balanced information so people can contribute in a meaningful way
  • provide a variety of appropriate and accessible ways for people to have their say
  • actively listen so that people's ideas and input assist in making the final decision
  • consider the needs and interests of people in the decision making process
  • inform the community about the final decision and how their input was considered

Council uses a range of methods to seek feedback from our Community, such as forums, workshops and surveys. To view current consultations – visit Hills Voice: your say.