Pre-School STEAM Autumn Leaves

​With Caroline, Term 2 2019

autumn leaves.png

As the seasons turned and the leaves began to fall we thought it would be a good idea to exlore Autumn leaves. In this session we used textas, coffee filters and water to create beautiful, colourful leaves. We also explored the science of absorption.

If you want to make your own at home here's what to do:


· Coffee filters

· Water soluble markers (non permanent)

· Water in small containers

· Leaf shape templates


Step 1: Flatten the coffee filters

Step 2: Trace the leaf shapes onto the filters and cut out

Step 3: Draw a circle with the texta of your choice close to the middle of the leaf

Step 4: Fold the filter into quarters. Place the filter into the water container with only the tip touching the water. If the texta touches the colour will go into the water, not up the filter

Step 5: When dry stick on a window or turn into a wall hanging, collage or whatever creative idea you like!

The Science: ABSORPTION & CHROMOAOGRAPHY (colour separation)

Absorption: The process by which one substance, such as a solid or liquid, takes up another substance, such as a liquid or gas, through minute pores or spaces between its molecules.

Chromatography: a technique for the separation of a mixture by passing it in solution or suspension through a medium in which the components move at different rates.

Ideas: mix the texta colours, experiment with how much water you drop onto the filter, bigger or smaller leaf, how much texta you draw on, use a black texta in a different brand—compare the colours that come out on the filter

For more inspiration and ideas: 




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