Balancing Birds

​With Caroline, Term 3 2019

balancing bird.jpg

In this Pre-School STEAM session we exlored the concept of balance using a Spring time bird.

If you would like to make this delightful little bird at home you will need the following:


· Circle of paper

· Pieces of coloured paper or coloured sticky note

· Toothpicks or skewers for legs

· Texta/pencil for decorating

· Plasticine or similar

How to

Step 1: Fold the circle in half

Step 2: Shape and attach the beak

Step 3: Attach (glue or sticky tape) tail feathers and wings

Step 4: Attach the legs to the inside of the folded body with sticky tape

Step 5: Push the legs into a ball of plasticine so it can stand up

The Science: Balance

Ideas: Experiment with your own balance beam. Make lots of birds and see what happens when you put lots of birds on one side and none on the other. How to you make it balance?

Can you balance on one leg? What happens when different size children get on either end of a see-saw? Can you balance a stick on the edge of a table? There are so many ways to experiment with balance in everyday life, see how many you can find!

For more craft inspiration and ideas:  - make your bird a nest!


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