Pre-School STEAM Leaf Collection

​With Caroline, Term 4 2019

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In this session each child created their own leaf collection. They could choose any leaf they wanted from the great piles we had on the table. Some children chose on size, on the shape of the leaf or just because they liked the leaves!

Make your own collection at home!

Things to think about when classifying leaves:

  • shape
  • size
  • colour
  • feel of the leaf (smooth/rough)
  • smell

Some scientific words used to describe leaves:

Shape: ovate, obvate, linear, cordate

Edges: entire, toothed, serrate, crenate

Structure: simple, lobed, dissected, compound

See this glossary of terms for great images and descriptions of all these words.

Make your own collection!

Choose something in or around your home and put it together in a collection.

It could be anything—buttons, rocks, photos, bottle tops, number plates - anything that you find interesting.

Work out how to organise the collection. You can organise the collection based on colour, size, letters, numbers, even how much you like each item! Have fun!

NB Parents and caregivers: collecting and classifying helps children to build the basic skills required for scientific practice as they get older.


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