Wild Animal Habitat

With Caroline, term 1 2020

photo of craft bower bird (Small).jpg    photo of craft spider (Small).jpg

To help celebrate World Wildlife Day 2020 (3 March) we explored wild animal habitats in our STEAM Story Time.

We read some fantastic books, looking at birds nests, spider webs and other amazing homes animals build. These are a collection you could use to get inspiration:

The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman

We Build our Homes by Laura Knowles & Chris Madden

The Weaver by Qian Shi

Bird Builds a Nest by Martin Jenkins

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

Animal Architecs by Daniel Nassar & Julio Antonio Blasco

For our craft activity we created a spiders web and a bower bird nest. See the pictures above. Not only do these tasks help children explore and undersand the habitats of wild creatures they help develop fine motors skills.

The Science

When discussing this subject use the big words! It helps children build their vocabulary and language use.

We discussed in our session what the scientists who study these two animals are called and what they do.

OrnithologistOrnithologists may study the behaviour, physiology, and conservation of birds and bird habitats.

ArachnologistStudy the behaviour, physiology and conservation of spiders and their habitats

Scientific Words

  • Behaviour – how the animal does things
  • Physiology – how the animals body is put together and works
  • Conservation – making sure they are safe and looked after
  • Habitat – where they live and their homes

At Home

Take a walk in some bush, see if you can find birds nesting, ant hills or other homes of animals. Remind children not to disrupt or destroy the habitat.

What lives in your backyard - you might be suprised! encourage your child to spend some time observing the creatures they come across. They can draw the animal or make a model of what they see.

Here are some great creations made by children who attended the session.

IMG_0083 (Small).JPG  IMG_0084 (Small).JPG  IMG_0085 (Small).JPG  IMG_0086 (Small).JPG

IMG_0087 (Small).JPG  IMG_0088 (Small).JPG  IMG_0089 (Small).JPG  IMG_0090 (Small).JPG

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