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Free Animal Workshops for the Adelaide Hills community

Adelaide Hills Council has engaged Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services to assist in developing and presenting a series of education sessions that will set our community​ up for success in pet and livestock management.

The full proposed schedule includes the following topics and will be completely free to the community.


​Pets and Livestock in Emergencies

  • ​How pets and livestock react to stress
  • How animals may act in a bushfire situation
  • How to construct a bushfire plan that includes livestock, horses, and pets

29 November 2018, Gumeracha 
7 March 2019, Stirling

​Barking Dogs

  • ​Why dogs bark
  • Simple solutions to reduce barking
  • Where to go for help
  • Understanding the difference between a training problem and a behaviour problem

28 March 2019, Stirling
11 April 2019, Woodside

​Dog Aggression / Attacks

  • ​Understanding possible reasons for dog aggression (is it always the owner's fault?)
  • How to manage aggression; understanding and preventing triggers
  • Understanding training and options to manage aggressive behaviours

24 April 2019, Stirling
30 May 2019, Woodside

​Cats: Nuisance vs Confinement

  • ​Understanding cat behaviour
  • How to make a confined cat content
  • Environment enrichment and reducing behavioural problems

14 March 2019, Woodside
9 May 2019, Stirling


Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services is the only clinic in South Australia dedicated to providing a service for the behavioural needs of animals. They were awarded the national Vet Practice of the Year in 2018.

Animal workshops