Council services affected by Fire Danger Ratings

​Fire Danger Season is taken very seriously by our Council, and as such we have updated protocols in place that dictate how Severe, Extreme, and Catastrophic Fire Danger Days affect various Council services. These protocols are designed to minimise activity and influx of people in high danger areas on the highest danger days, and this may see a delay in some of the services you typically receive from Council.

Fire Danger Ratings are determined by the CFS and take into consideration those factors that could contribute to the ignition and/or spread of bushfire in our district. These factors include temperature, wind speeds/direction, and ground moisture; we recommend residents and visitors check the CFS website for daily updates on Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Ban Days.

To see a full list of how different Fire Danger Days may affect services you receive from Council, please check this register. Examples of things you might notice on Extreme or Catastrophic Fire Danger Days include delays to kerbside waste collection, closure of certain community centres, delays to scheduled roadworks and more.

Kerbside Collection
If your regular bin collection day is forecast to be Extreme or Catastrophic, note that some collections may be undertaken earlier than usual before being cancelled. Please still put your bin out the night before to ensure it is not missed if this occurs on your street. Uncollected waste will be collected on the next safe day to do so (please leave your bin on the kerbside until this occurs).

Further information on bushfire safety

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CFS Fire Danger Ratings