Geoscience Australia Airborne Survey to take place in Adelaide Hills Council Region

​Geoscience Australia, in collaboration with state government agencies, will be carrying out a series of airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveys across eastern South Australia and western portions of Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales in 2021, as part of the Exploring for the Future program. This program aims to gather new information about the potential groundwater, mineral and energy resources beneath the surface. This information will lead to more informed resource management and better targeted investment.

Geoscience Australia is planning several other airborne and ground-based geophysical surveys and sampling projects in the survey area. More information about these field activities will be available once further consultation with stakeholders is complete.

AEM survey method:
Light aircraft are fitted with instruments to map variations in the electrical conductivity of the ground to a depth of several hundred metres.

During the survey, a signal will be transmitted from the aircraft into the ground. Towed antennae can detect the returned signals and the nature of these signals will be analysed to map variations in the conductivity of the ground that are caused by water and certain types of minerals.

For more information, visit Geoscience Australia
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