Meet our volunteers: Brian & Julie

Local people helping local people – and building thriving communities for everyone to share.
Brian and Julie – community bus driver and hosts

They've always been 'people' people so when Brian and Julie retired it seemed natural to keep up that people contact by volunteering together.

"We've learnt so much through volunteering - about history, food, gardens and places in our region and heard the most amazing stories about lives well lived."

They started with helping the elderly with pick ups and drop offs and over the year that's developed in regular trips down to Adelaide Central markets with Brian at the wheel of the community bus and Julie hosting the participants as they go about their business in the market.

"It's just like taking your neighbour out to the shops so people needn't be shy about getting involved. After a few times you form friendships and it all becomes easy and familiar."

Brian and Julie also do trips to other markets, movies, visits to regional towns and gardens tours, or exploration trips to search for seasonal flowers like orchids. They even throw in the odd magical mystery trip just to keep everyone guessing, and the more places they go, the more stories they hear.

It's also greatly satisfying for the pair as these trips can make a huge different in the life of someone who spends most of their time at home for some reason – maybe because they are elderly or have mobility concerns.

"We get to meet people with diverse backgrounds and a surprising array of stories about where they worked or grew up and the history of the area."

"It's nice that we can volunteer together and it is good for your self-esteem to be making a positive difference to peoples' lives."

"But the main reason we volunteer is because we just love it - and maybe one day when we are older, someone else will drive us around and we will tell them a story or two!"

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