Council Strategies and Plans

Strategic Plan
Corporate Plans
Annual Budget and Business Plans (including summaries)
Asset Management
Development and Community
Corporate Planning and Performance
Economic Development and Financial Planning
Sport and Recreation
Waste, Health and Sustainability

​Strategic Plan 
A brighter future: Strategic Plan 2020-24
Corporate Plans 
District Masterplan
Precinct Planning Framework and Guidelines
Adelaide Hills Business and Tourism Centre (AHBTC) Masterplan 
Gumeracha Precinct, Federation Park and Oval Masterplan
Albert Street, Gumeracha, Main Street Masterplan
Annual Budget and Business Plans
Annual Business Plan & Budget 2020-21              (or click here to see the 2020-21 Annual Business Plan Summary)
                                                                               Annual Plan & Budget of Capital Works 2020-21

Annual Business Plan & Budget 2019-20              (or click here to see the 2019-20 Annual Business Plan Summary)
Annual Business Plan & Budget 2018-19              (or click here to see the 2018-19 Annual Business Plan Summary)
Annual Business Plan & Budget 2017-18              (or click here to see the 2017-18 Annual Business Plan Summary)
Annual Business Plan & Budget 2016-17              (or click here to see the 2016-17 Annual Business Plan Summary)
Annual Business Plan & Budget 2015-16
Annual Business Plan & Budget 2014-15
Annual Business Plan & Budget 2013-14
Annual Business Plan & Budget 2012-13​​
Asset Management
Asset Management Plan 2012
Development and Community
Arts Action Plan 2018-2021
Arts and Heritage Hub (Old Woollen Mill) Business Development Framework
Age Friendly Community Strategic Plan
Animal Management Plan 2018-2022
Community Strategy 2015-2020
Adelaide Hills Council Development Plan
Reconciliation Action Plan 2016
Multicultural Action Plan 2017-2020
Corporate Planning and Performance
Corporate Planning and Performance Framework
Economic Development and Financial Planning
Economic Development Strategy
Long Term Financial Plan​
Sport and Recreation
Sport and Recreation Strategy 2017-2021
Local Area Strategic Bike Plan 2016
Adelaide Hills Trails Network Strategy 2014
Waste, Health and Sustainability 
Corporate Carbon Management Plan
(plus CMP Battery Storage Information Report and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Information Report)
Biodiversity Strategy
Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island Region
Southern & Hills LGA Regional Public Health Plan 2015
Water Management Plan 2017
Waste and Resources Management Strategy
Resource Recovery & Recycling Strategy