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On 1 January 2022, Adelaide Hills Council's Cat By-law will require all domestic cats to be kept at home at all times (unless on a harness, leash, or similar). This change will help Council staff and volunteers separate out feral cat populations from our beautiful landscape, as well as being of benefit to the comfort of the wider community.

Why do we need a Cats By-law?

Council's By-law No. 6, Cats By-law 2019, is designed to control and manage cats in the Council's area. Its objectives are to promote responsible cat ownership and to reduce the incidence of public and environmental nuisance caused by cats.

What is the penalty for those in violation of the By-law?

Cat owners will be fined $187.50 for any breach of a Council by-law, including when their cat is found off of their property.

What can I do to prepare for the By-law?

To ensure our community is properly prepared for the By-law, we will be holding events and information sessions to help owners understand the new rules and have a smooth transition to Cat Confinement.

Before the By-law is enforced, we want to encourage cat owners to register and microchip their pets. Currently, our Council region only  has 434 registered cats. If a cat is found off a property and is not microchipped, it will be difficult us to return it to it's owner. By registering and microchipping your cat at twelve weeks of age, Council will have a record of them for the rest of their life. 


Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions about our Cat By-law and keeping your cat at home.                         

 0a16b1_310de36e7c1c47d9985e6f72191ab03f_mv2.webpMICROCHIPPING SESSIONS

We currently have two Chipblitz microchipping sessions occurring in July 2021: Saturday 3 July at Adelaide Hills Council, Stirling and Saturday 17 July at Adelaide Hills Council, Woodside.

South Australian law requires all cats to be microchipped by 12 weeks of age, and for all cats born after 1 July 2018 to be desexed by 6 months of age. Exemptions apply for registered breeders etc.

Cat registration on Dogs and Cats Online
Amendments to the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 require all cat microchip details to be entered onto Dogs and Cats Online regardless of whether council have a cat by-law requiring cat registration or not.

Any cats that are microchipped will automatically be registered by the relevant vet/microchipper onto the State's Dog and Cats Online (DACO) register so that if found, they can be returned to their owners. Existing microchip details on national registers have not been brought across into DACO so cat owners need to enter their cat microchip details into DACO manually. All cat owners have an ongoing obligation to keep and update microchip information about their cat(s) in DACO.

Council does not currently charge an annual registration fee for cats.

Why microchip information is going onto Dogs and Cats Online
Microchip information about cats, and details of their owners, will be available in Dogs and Cats Online to enable Council to reunite cats with their owners and make informed cat management and associated policy decisions.

Adelaide Hills Council does not currently require cats to be registered or contained, however these rules change between Council districts. If you are moving with your cat, please check with your new Council for their requirements.

The website Good Cat is an excellent source of information for all cat owners. It includes information on different cat breeds, stray cats, indoor cats and more.

It is also a great resource for fact sheets on the topics of new cat laws, microchipping, and desexing. Click here to visit the Good Cat website.

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