Lost and Impounded Dogs

If your dog has wandered it's important to understand why and make changes so this does not occur in future. Ensuring your fences are secure with no gaps or areas to dig under, and at a height your dog can't jump. Move things away from fences which may aid their jumping. Keep gates and roller doors locked and provide enrichment activities to keep your dog entertained in your absence. If this is a reoccurring problem you may need to consult with an animal behaviourist or your vet to determine the cause.

Every dog owner has a responsibility to ensure their dog is contained to their property and does not pose a nuisance or threat to people or other dogs/animals enjoying public spaces, as well as cause a hazard to road users. Dog owners can be liable for their dog's actions if they are not properly secured. It is also an offence of section 43 of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 for a dog to wander at large. Penalties apply.

When you find a lost dog
If you find a dog wandering in the street or to your home, contact Council so we can check our database and return the dog to its owner as soon as possible. If our records do not match an owner, a Ranger will attend and collect the dog. The dog may have a microchip we can scan to identify who owns the dog. If no owner is found the dog will be impounded at our holding facility and cared for by our staff until the owner is located. If no owner is found, the dog will go through a re-homing process.

IMPORTANT: If a dog is looking scared or aggressive, do not approach the dog and contact Council immediately for a Ranger to attend and collect the dog safely.

When Rangers find or are directed to a lost dog
Our Rangers will respond to alerts of wandering dogs and, if an owner cannot be located immediately, the dog will be held in our containment area, which includes indivdual shelters, dog runs, beds and suitable dog food.

If you discover that your dog has been impounded, please contact our Ranger Services Team on (08) 8408 0400 between 8:30am and 5:00pm any day. Please note that weekend calls will be diverted to our after-hours service.

Once you have talked with one of our Rangers, your dog can be collected from the Coventry Library, 63 Mt Barker Road Stirling.

To claim your dog:

  • You must produce current identification
  • Your dog's registration must be up-to-date
  • All impound fees must be paid

Expiations may also be issued.




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