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Council and Committee Meetings: Agendas and Reports

The public is invited to attend any Council or Committee meeting and are able to participate in the Public Forum section of the Ordinary Council and the Strategic Planning & Development Policy Committee meetings. 

Guidelines for the Public Forum and Deputation sections of the meeting are now available.  A request for a deputation must be in writing (refer to Deputation link) and received by Council 7 clear days before the meeting to be included on the agenda. 

Agendas and Minutes of all Council and Council Committees are placed on public display at Council's Service and Community Centres and on this website.

Search Council Meetings and Agendas on this website.

Information for Council's Assessment Panel, which operates under the Development Regulations 2008, is on the Council Assessment Panel page, including availability of Agendas and Minutes.

Schedule of Council & Committee meetings

Assessment Panel​2nd Wednesday 6.30pm (check website for venue)
​Strategic Planning Development Policy Committee​Meet as required - refer to Agenda for date & venue
​Council​4th Tuesday 6.30pm, 63 Mt Barker Road Stirling (Note December meeting will be held on the third Tuesday)
​Audit Committee​5 times per calendar year - click here for dates & venues
​CEO Performance Review Panel​Meet as required - refer to Agenda for date & venue