Released Confidential Items

From time to time the public may be excluded from Council and Committee meetings.

Section 90 of the Local Government Act 1999 provides that a Council or Council Committee may order the public to be excluded from attendance at a meeting.

To do this the Council or Committee must apply for an order which will specify the reason for the order, duration of the order or the circumstances in which the order will cease to apply, or a period after which the order must be reviewed.

Council or a Council Committee will only make an order that a document associated with a discussion from which the public are excluded will remain confidential if it is considered proper and necessary in the broader community interest.

A review of the reports or documents that are the subject of orders of confidentiality are conducted to ensure that items are released to the public, in accordance with the resolutions of Council.

To view Council's Confidential Items Register, click here.

Minutes can be access by clicking on the relevant meeting under 'Meeting Agenda and Minutes'.

Released reports can be accessed below: 

Meeting Date​Council/Committee​Report Title
​17 May 2022
​Special Council
Appointment of Consultant to undertake CEO Performance & Remuneration Reviews
​12 May 2022
CEO PRP Advice on Consultant
​26 April 2022
Appointment of CAP Independent Members 
​26 April 2022
AHRWMA Independent Presiding Member
​25 January 2022
​Audit Committee Independent Member Vacancy
​14 December 2021
Audit Committee Independent Member Appointment
​14 December 2021
​Citizen of the Year Awards 2022
​14 December 2021
​East Waste Independent Chair Appointment 
​24 August 2021
2021 CEO Performance and Remuneration Review
​12 August 2021
2021 CEO Performance and Remuneration Review 
​27 July 2021
6 Mount Barker Road Stirling (former Stirling Police Station)
​08 June 2021
​Special Council
Heathfield Oval Change Rooms Tender
​25 May 2021
Multi Year Rally Proposal
​27 April 2021
Advisory Group Independent Members
​23 March 2021
Sale of Land for Debt Recovery - 1615 Lobethal Road Lobethal
​27 January 2021
AHC Tender 202021-12 - Supply of Limestone Rubble
​15 December 2020
​Citizen of the Year 2021
​15 December 2020
External Audit Contract
​16 November 2020
​Audit Committee
External Audit Contract
​27 October 2020
CEO PRP Independent Member Appointment
​27 October 2020
​Audit Committee Independent Member Appointment
​22 September 2020
2020 CEO Performance & Remuneration Reviews
​03 September 2020
​2020 CEO Performance & Remuneration Reviews
​28 July 2020
Appointment of Independent Member to Council Assessment Panel
​30 June 2020
​Special Council
Sealed Roads Renewal Contract
​28 January 2020
Open Office Pty Ltd Contract Novation Deed
​17 December 2019​Council​Appointment of East Waste Independent Chair
​17 December 2019​CouncilCitizen of the Year 2020
​26 November 2019​CouncilAudit Committee Independent Member Appointments
​22 October 2019​CouncilElectricity Procurement Contract Post 31 December 2019 for below 160 MWh sites
​27 August 2019
Roundabout Landscaping Upgrade
​27 August 2019
​CEO Performance and Remuneration Reviews
​08 August 2019
CEO Remuneration Review 2019
​08 August 2019
CEO Performance Review 2019
​25 June 2019​CouncilLand Acquisition - Lower Hermitage Road
​25 June 2019​Council2018/19 Playspace Upgrades
​25 June 2019
Lower Hermitage Widening Contract
​25 June 2019
Sale of Land for non-payment of rates
​28 May 2019​CouncilElectricity Procurement Contract Post 31 December 2019
​04 June 2019​Council​Event Opportunity
​07 May 2019
​Special Council
Unsolicited Approach to Purchase Community Land
​23 April 2019
​CouncilEast Waste Kerbside Recycling Contract
​23 April 2019​CouncilAppointment of Independent Members to CAP
​23 April 2019​Council​Advisory Group Independent Members
​26 March 2019
Sale of Land at the former Onkaparinga Woollen Mills site at Lobethal
​26 February 2019​Council​Reconciliation Working Group Representation
​22 January 2019​CouncilRoad Shoulder Renewal Contract
​22 January 2019​Council​Road Shoulder Renewal Contract
​18 December 2018​CouncilAustralia Day Awards 2019
​11 September 2018
​Special Council
​Ashton Landfill
​28 August 2018​Council​CEO Performance and Remuneration Review
​09 August 2018​CEO PRP​2018 CEO Performance Review
​09 August 2018​CEO PRP2018 CEO Remuneration Review
​01 August 2018
​Special Council
Stonehenge Reserve - Masterplan Update
​01 August 2018
​Special Council
Retirement Village Review
​19 June 2018
​Special Council
Community Wastewater Management Systems Review Update
​18 June 2018
Special Event
​29 May 2018
Appointment of Consultant to undertake the CEO Performance and Remuneration Review
​24 April 2018
Sale of Land for Non Payment of Rates
​27 March 2018
AHRWMA Hook Lift Truck
​27 February 2018
Adelaide Hills Swimming Centre Shade Sail
​27 February 2018
Retirement Village Review
​27 February 2018
Appointment of External Auditor
​20 February 2018
​Audit Committee
Appointment of External Auditor
​20 February 2018​Audit CommitteeInternal Audit Actions Implementation
​23 January 2018​CouncilAppointment of Audit Committee and CEO PRP Independent Members & Audit Committee Presiding Member
​12 December 2017​Council​Australia Day Awards 2018
​28 November 2017​Council​CEO Performance & Remuneration Review 2017
​8 November 2017​​CEO PRP​CEO Performance Review 2017
​8 November 2017​CEO PRP2017 ​CEO Remuneration Review
​6 November 2017​Audit Committee​Internal Audit Actions Implementation
​24 October 2017
Sale of Land at AHBTC
​26 September 2017​CouncilAppointment of Independent Member with Natural Resource Management Skills to Council's Assessment Panel (CAP) 
​26 September 2017​CouncilAssignment of Commercial Lease at AHBTC
​26 September 2017
Community Wastewater Management Systems Review Update
​22 August 2017
Adelaide Hills Region Waste Management Authority Tender Landfill Compactor
​9 August 2017​Special CouncilHeathfield Resource Recovery Centre Management
​25 July 2017​CouncilEast Waste Constituent Council Membership
​27 June 2017​CouncilInternal Review of Council Decision - Verrall Road (North) Separate Rate
​​27 June 2017​Council​Event Opportunity
​26 April 2017​CouncilAppointment of Independent Members to CDAP​
​28 March 2017​Council​CEO Employment Agreement
​9 March 2017​CEO PRPCEO Employment Agreement
​28 February 2017
Community Wastewater Management Systems Review 
​13 February 2017​Audit CommitteeICT Security Assessment Action Implementation Update
24 January 2017​​CouncilPreliminary Draft Report Gawler River 2016 Flood Review
​13 December 2016​CouncilLocal Heritage - Public Places DPA - Submission to Minister for Consultation Approval
​7 December 2016​Special Council​Retirement Villages Review
​7 December 2016​Special CouncilContract for Sale - Portion of AHBTC Site
​7 December 2016​Special CouncilAustralia Day Awards 2017
​22 November 2016​Council​CEO Further Employment Agreement
​8 November 2016​SPDPC​Primary Production Lands Development Plan Amendment - Draft revised Statement of Intent
​25 October 2016​CouncilSale of Land for Non-Payment of Rates
​25 October 2016​Council​CEO Performance Review Panel Meeting Recommendations
​25 October 2016
Community Wastewater Management Systems Expression of Interest
​19 October 2016​CEO PRP​CEO Request for further Employment Agreement
​10 October 2016CEO PRP​CEO Performance Review Report
​​10 October 2016​CEO PRP​CEO Remuneration Review
​​10 October 2016CEO PRP​CEO Performance Targets
​23 August 2016​Council​Supply & Placement of Bituminous Products
​15 August 2016​Audit CommitteeICT Security Assessment Action Implementation Update
​27 July 2016​CEO PRPAppointment of Consultant to undertake CEO Performance Review
​26 July 2016​Council​Appointment of RLMAG Representative
​​26 July 2016​​Council​Primary Production Innovation Grants 2016
​​26 July 2016​Council​Land at Houghton Request to Purchase
​24 May 2016​CouncilLand at Houghton Request to Purchase
​​24 May 2016​CouncilEvent Opportunity
​12 April 2016​SPDPC​GRFMA Mitigation Options Report
​12 April 2016​SPDPCProposal for Privately Funded DPA
​22 March 2016​Council​Adelaide Hills Business & Tourism Centre (AHBTC) Divestment Strategy
​22 March 2016​Council​Land Acquisition - Colonial Drive Norton Summit
​23 February 2016​Council​Sale of Land for Non-Payment of Rates
​22 February 2016​Audit Committee​IT Security Audit
​19 January 2016​CouncilAppointment of Gawler River Floodplain Management Authority Chairperson
​24 November 2015​CouncilCEO Performance Review Panel 18 November 2015 Meeting Recommendations
​27 October 2015​CouncilSupply & Placement of Bituminous Products
​22 September 2015​Council​Township & Urban Areas DPA Consultation Approval
22 September 2015​CouncilAcquisition of Land adjoining Checker Hill Road Kersbrook to open as Road
​8 September 2015​​Special Council​​East Waste Facilities
​8 September 2015​​Special CouncilBradbury CFS Land Transfer
​28 July 2015​Council​Appointment Independent Member AHBTC
​9 June 2015​​Special CouncilRegional Kerbside Service Tender and East Waste Membership
​​26 May 2015​Council​Event Opportunity
​26 May 2015​Council​Appointment of Independent Members to the Bushfire Advisory Group & the Sustainability Advisory Group
​28 April 2015​CouncilAppointment of Independent & Elected members to CDAP
​24 March 2015​CouncilIntersection of Morello Grove and Shannon Road, Bridgewater
​9 December 2014​Council​Australia Day Awards 2015
​25 November 2014​CouncilPrimary Production Incentive Grants 2014/15 - Applications & Recommendations
​28 October 2014​Council​Award of Contract 24/14 Road Reconstruction
​​23 September 2014​Council​Internal Review of Council Decision - Fehring
​23 September 2014​Council​Appointment of Independent Members to the Adelaide Hills Biodiversity Advisory Group (BioAG)
​9 September 2014​​Special Council​CEO Performance Review Panel – 2 September 2014 Meeting Recommendations
​2 September 2014​CEO PRP​2014-15 CEO Key Performance Indicators
​2 September 2014​​CEO PRP​​2013-14 CEO Remuneration Review 2014-14
2 September 2014​CEO PRPCEO Performance Review Panel – 2 September 2014 Meeting Recommendations
​26 August 2014​Council​Lobethal Recreation Ground Sports Club Inc Proposal
​12 August 2014​SPDPC​Townships and Urban Areas DPA
​22 July 2014Council​​Appointment of Independent Member to Audit Committee
​22 July 2014​Council​Appointment of Independent Member to AHBTC
​8 July 2014​Special Council​CEO Review Panel Independent Member & Sitting Fees
​24 June 2014​CouncilEvent Opportunity (2015 Santos TDU)
​14 May 2014CouncilAppointment of Independent Members to the Council's Development Assessment Panel (CDAP)
​​22 April 2014​Council​RLMAG Grazing Broadacre Representative
​22 April 2014​Council​Cemetery Advisory Group Independent Members
​22 April 2014​CouncilLocal Heritage DPA - Stage One - Endorsement of new Statement of Intent
​25 March 2014​CouncilAHBTC Masterplan
25 March 2014​​Council​Disposal of Land – Renewal SA
​21 January 2014​Council​Lobethal Recreation Ground Sports Club Inc Proposal
​10 December 2013​Council​Australia Day Awards 2014
​12 November 2013​Council​Sale of Asset 90a Onkaparinga Valley Road Balhannah
​8 October 2013​CouncilCode of Conduct
​24 September 2013​​SPDPCStatus of Current Development Plan Amendments
​24 September 2013​SPDPC​Primary Production Lands DPA: Community Engagement Strategy
​9 July 2013​Council​Prosecution pursuant to the Development Act 1993 for unauthorised removal of a regulated tree
11 June 2013​Council​Santos Tour Down Under 2013 & 2014
​9 April 2013​Council​Sale of Asset Morialta Barns
​12 March 2013​Council​Election of Metropolitan Adelaide Representatives to the LGA State Executive Committee
​26 February 2013​CouncilAppointment of External Auditor
​12 February 2013​Council​Animal Management Plan Advisory Group
​11 February 2013​Audit Committee​External Audit Services, Contract No. 15/13
​22 January 2013​CouncilFormal Complaint under Code of Conduct
​22 January 2013​Council​Appointments to The Summit Advisory Group
​22 January 2013​CouncilAppointments to Torrens Valley Community Centre Advisory Group
​22 January 2013​Council​Water Reuse Birdwood CWMS



Council acknowledges that we conduct our business on the traditional lands and waters of the Peramangk and Kaurna people. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging as the Custodians of this ancient and beautiful land.
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